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Brain - body cognitive training at home

Intendu is a revolutionary brain training console that was designed to help people with brain impairments to train their cognitive skills.
The Intendu console includes a motion-controlled plug-and-play video camera with build-in software that provides adaptive cognitive training within engaging real-life scenarios.


Train at home, turn wasted downtime into meaningful training that contributes to your cognitive performance

Motion Powered

Combining your brain training with physical activity enhances brain recovery potential and contributes to a very engaging experience


Fun and engaging real-life scenarios drive the transfer to enhanced daily life functioning and ensure ongoing motivation


The personalized training program is optimized in real-time, adjusting the pace and challenge to the user’s performance, biofeedback and rehabilitation needs

Highly recommended by top therapists at leading rehabilitation centers

The benefits of training with Intendu

Intendu is grounded on evidence-based paradigms and the latest research in neuroscience, rehabilitation and neuropsychology. In addition, we are constantly validating and improving our solution's effectiveness through self-conducted research

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How can Intendu contribute to your therapy?

Our unique console was designed to take on brain impairments caused by various medical conditions.
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