Extend Cognitive Training to

Your Clients Home

Used by leading rehabilitation hospitals and clinics.
Now available for home usage.

The Intendu console is revolutionizing the treatment of people with brain dysfunctions, by providing an effective, accessible, and affordable solution for training functional cognitive skills. The console was designed to train patients in clinical settings such as rehabilitation hospitals and clinics in addition to the patients’ home environment.

The Functional Brain Trainer provides personalized and adaptive brain training within game environments using natural body interaction. The platform includes multiple video games designed for training functional cognitive skills such as behavioral control, attention, multi-tasking, self-initiation, working memory, planning and more.

The benefits of using the Active Brain Trainer at home

Continuum of Care

The Intendu solution is provides accessibility from everywhere: in the clinic and at home. Clients can begin training in the clinic and continue training at home either in between sessions or after completing their clinic rehab program.

Real-Time Adaptation and

Personalization of Training

Games are based on biofeedback – allowing effective and precise cognitive stimulation, optimizing user engagement and enabling patients to easily train independently.

Fun, Engaging and Gamified


Incorporating cognitive training within video games environments, maximize motivation and training repetition.

Natural Body Interaction

Research shows that training the brain while being physically active enhances brain plasticity and promotes transfer to real life.

Quantification and Tracking of

Patients' Progress

Detailed progress reports and data can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Whether you are a speech therapist, occupational therapist, neuropsychologist, or any other rehabilitation clinician, the Intendu platform enables you to provide your clients with the latest cutting edge technology recommended by leading institutions and based on scientific research.

The science behind Intendu

Based on Scientific Research and Evidence Based Paradigms

The platform is grounded on neuroplasticity principles, evidence based paradigms and the latest research in neuroscience, rehabilitation and neuropsychology.

Validated by Customers and Evidence of Success

Used by leading rehabilitation hospitals and clinics world-wide.

Developed by Leading Neuroscience Experts

Intendu is led by a prominent interdisciplinary team of neuroscientists, rehabilitation clinicians, computer scientists and gaming experts who together share over 100 joint years of experience.